Durian – King of fruits for Singaporeans :)

Today I created a new label “Singapore” in my blog. Under this label I would like to present a wide variety of foods that I came across during my stay in Singapore. Just like how we Indians treat mango as king of fruits, for Singaporeans it is DURIAN.

You can get more information and facts about durian at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian.

My first impression of durian was “yucks it smells like garbage. Never will i touch this fruit in my lifetime”. But the day arrived after 3.5 years stay in Singapore. I was told to eat the fruit without thinking about the smell to enjoy it’s taste, which I couldn’t follow. But the first bite left a deep impression on me. It was so sweet and I felt like I was eating butter with lots and lots of sugar. I’ve to admit that I didn’t like durian’s taste also. As per my friends here, D24 is the best variety durian you’ve to eat atleast once :). It leaves a strong after taste and the first timers can feel it next day also. Esplande (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esplanade_-_Theatres_on_the_Bay), a popular landmark in Singapore is often called as “The Durian” by locals because of it’s shape.

I’ve also noted that people who like to eat jackfruit will never like durian and people who like durian will hate to see a jackfruit and for them it smells like hell.


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