Spicy Chana Dal

One of my favourite spicy snack that’s very easy to prepare.

Soaking time : 4 hours
Cooking time : 15 minutes


Chana dal : 1 cup
Salt : to taste
Black salt : to taste (optional)
Chilli powder : to taste
Oil : for deep frying chana dal

1. Soak chana dal for 4 hours. Drain and keep aside for 10 minutes (there shouldn’t be too much moisture).
2. Heat oil in a heavy bottom wok. Once oil is piping hot, reduce the flame.
3. Deep fry chana dal in batches and on medium heat till they turn golden brown.
4. Scoop the chana dal from oil onto an absorbent paper. Once all dal is deep fried, add salts(s) and chilli powder as per taste.
5. Let the dal cool and store in an air tight container. This can be stored up to 10days.

Note : You can use chat masala powder also instead of salt(s) and chilli powder. If you like garlic, roughly mash 5-6 garlic flakes, roast in a tea spoon of oil and add to the deep fried chana dal along with salt and chilli powder.

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