Karivepaku Podi (Curry Leaf Powder) – 1

The karivepaku podi recipe which I’m blogging now is good for people who are on pathyam (special diet). It is said that this recipe is good for women especially after delivery to boost the lactation and to avoid vaatham. But take care not to eat too much of it as it causes heat. I’ll blog spicy version of karivepaku podi using urad and chana dals soon.
Dry curry leaves : 2 cups
Dry red chillis : as per taste
Pepper corns : 1/2 tea spoon
Mustard seeds : 1 table spoon
Garlic flakes : 3 (optional)
Salt : to taste
1. Except salt and garlic, dry roast other ingredients separately and let them cool.
2. Grind roasted chillis, pepper corns, mustard seeds and salt finely. Add roasted curry leaves and grind.
3. Add garlic flakes and grind. The garlic flakes should be coarse.
4. Store in an air tight container. Serve with hot rice or idlis and a dash of ghee.
Curry Leaves : Curry leaves are highly valued as seasoning in southern Indian cooking. They are usually fried along with chopped onion in the first stage of preparation.  Their properties include much value as an anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemic etc. Curry leaves are also known to be good for hair, for keeping it healthy and long. They also contain iron.

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