Fruit Custard

I learnt this custard dish from my aunt and mastered it under my mom’s guidance. It’s very easy to prepare this dish. I like this dish very much because of mixed fruits used in it. There are different flavors of custard powder available in the market. I’ve used elachi (cardamom) powder in this dish. You can replace it with essence (like vanilla, strawberry etc) depending on the flavor of the custard powder being used.

The most commonly used fruits for this custard dish are apple, banana, grapes, strawberry, orange, and pear. You can decide if you want to add fruits before cooling it or before serving it. I personally prefer adding fruits 5 minutes before serving. Few people like to add prunes, raisins and nuts like cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios etc instead of fruits.


Milk: 750 ml
Sugar: to taste
Custard powder: 2-3 tablespoons (use depending on consistency)
Mixed fruits: 500 gms
Elachi powder: 1 pinch (optional)

1. Dissolve custard powder in a cup of milk (at room temperature) without any lumps and keep aside.
2. Heat milk in a vessel and bring to boil. Once the milk starts boiling, add sugar and stir well.
3. Remove from heat and add the mixed custard powder. Stir continuously to avoid forming of lumps.
4. Put the vessel back on the stove and boil the custard milk mixture on low flame till it becomes thick and coats back of the spoon.
5. Sprinkle elachi powder and mix well before removing from stove. Cool down the custard milk and keep in the fridge to cool it.
6. After the milk is cooled, add the mixed fruits and put it back in the fridge for 5 more minutes.
7. Remove from fridge and serve cold.

Note: Do not use fruits that ooze out water such as watermelon.


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