Tender Coconut Pudding

I was looking for a simple pudding recipe when I stumbled upon tender coconut pudding at Spicy Chilly. More than the recipe, I liked the way Bharathy have presented the dish and the step-by-step instructions have made my job easy in pudding preparation. The changes I’ve made to the original recipe are to replace agar agar with gelatine powder and to reduce the amount of condensed milk. Since the coconut water I used was very sweet, I’ve skipped using sugar also.

Preparation & cooking time: 20 minutes

Freezing & chilling time: 50 minutes

Adapted from: Spicy Chilly


Milk: 2 cups (I used low fat milk)

Condensed Milk: 3/4 cup

Sugar: as per taste (Optional)

Gelatine Powder: 3 tablespoons

Tender Coconut water: 1 cup

Tender Coconut Meat: 3/4 cup


1. Dissolve gelatine powder in hot tender coconut water. Make sure there are no lumps or undissolved powder.

2. Boil milk, condensed milk and sugar (if using) together. Stir well so as to avoid burning of condensed milk (experience speaks here ;)). Remove from heat.

3. Add the coconut pieces and coconut water with dissolved gelatine powder. Stir gently to mix all ingredients. Transfer to a flat square plate (or individual dessert bowls if you want to serve skip the process of unmoulding and cutting into pieces for serving).

4. Freeze for 5 minutes and then chill for another 45 minutes (I followed the exact timings as mentioned by Bharathy).

5. Topple the plate gently to unmould the pudding and cut into pieces of desired size.

I’ve used the pomegranate seeds as a bait for my 3 year old kid to get to taste the pudding. She liked it and since then refers to it as white sweet ;). It tasted so heavenly and melts in the mouth. Though I’m not a great fan of coconut sweets and puddings, I’ve prepared this twice in the past 4 weeks. Such is the power  of this pudding and you can never get tired of the taste. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe Bharathy.


4 thoughts on “Tender Coconut Pudding

  1. I Tried tjis Recepie but it was still liquidy after chilling for hours so kindly suggest what was the mistake


    • Hi Manju, do not skip the step of freezing it for 5 minutes before chilling. Also try adding another teaspoon of gelatin powder. You can also replace it with 10-15 grams of agar agar (China grass).

  2. You got it perfect! 🙂 Lovely to note that you substituted with gelatine! honestly that is the ingredient and not agar agar…since I’m more used to agar agar, i did it that way! Brilliant! happy to know that u liked the taste too. Praline/noughat topping is another alternative. True that its taste can never over kill us! 🙂
    Loving your space with homely recipes, girl!
    Rock on!!

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