Kosambari is a popular Karnataka dish. It is a raw, refreshing and cooling salad dish and is very easy to prepare. I usually prepare this whenever I prepare vadapappu. There are many variations in the preparation of kosambari. I am going to present you the basic kosambari dish. You can add grated carrot or coconut as per your taste. You can also choose to season the dish or add some lime juice. Kosambari being a low fat, less cholesterol, high protein and high fiber diet is one of the best dishes for all those who want to lose loads of weight and stay fit.


Split Yellow Moong Dal / Pesarapappu: 1 cup

Cucumber: ½ – 1 cup finely chopped pieces

Salt: as per taste

Chilli: 1 – 2; finely chopped


1. Soak pesarapappu for 3 – 4 hours. Drain the lentils and transfer to serving bowl.

2. Add chopped cucumber pieces and chilli. Combine well.

3. Add salt just before serving the dish to avoid water oozing from cucumber.


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