Chapati, Chapathi or Chapatti is an unleavened flatbread from India. The terms chapati and roti are used interchangeably. It is a common staple of cuisine in South Asia. In some parts of India and Pakistan, this is called phulka.



Wheat Flour: 2 cups

Water: 1 cup or more if necessary

Salt: as per taste (Optional)

Oil: for frying chapati and 1 tablespoon for dough preparation (Optional)


1. Sieve the whole wheat flour into a large vessel. Add salt and one tablespoon of oil to the flour. Combine well without any lumps.

2. Add water to the dough and start kneading till dough becomes soft. Keep aside for 15 – 20 minutes.

3. Make lemon sized balls of the dough. Dust the rolling board with flour.

4. Start rolling the dough balls into flat rounded circle. Apply oil and fold into half. Apply oil and fold again.

5. Dust the rolling board again and roll the folded dough till you roll a chapati of required thickness.

6. Heat griddle and put the rolled chapatti on it. First cook one side till done. Flip to the other side and repeat the same.


1. You can choose to skip folding of rolled dough.

2. You can apply oil or ghee while cooking the chapati.

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