Bread Bajji

Bread bajji is one of the easiest and tasty snacks. Amma came across this recipe in a TV channel almost 15 years back. Since then whenever we want to prepare a quick snack, this is the first one that we think about. All ingredients required will be readily available in the kitchen and this can be prepared in a jiffy. Removing the sides of the bread is purely optional.

Bread Bajji - Final


Bread: 10 pieces

Besan Flour: 1 cup

Salt: as per taste

Chilli Powder: as per taste

Cumin Seeds: ½ teaspoon (Optional)

Water: required to prepare batter

Oil: for deep frying bajji

Bread Bajji - Collage


1. Cut bread into pieces of required size.

2. Sieve besan flour in to a wide vessel. Add salt, chilli powder and cumin seeds. Combine well. Add sufficient amount of water and prepare the batter.

3. Heat oil in a wok for deep frying. Once piping hot, dip the bread pieces in the batter and drop in to oil.

4. Fry till bajji turn golden brown.

5. Scoop out from oil on to absorbent paper.

6. Serve hot with any sauce or pickle of your choice. It goes well with pudina chutney too.


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