Recipes : Microwave Cooking

Microwave ovens are popular for reheating cooked foods. They are also safe to use for defrosting and cooking. In order to ensure that there are no cold or hot spots during reheating process, stir the food occasionally. Stirring food also helps to minimize bacteria survival.

Use utensils that are safe for microwave use such as glass, ceramic cookware and those labelled fit for microwave cooking. Do  not use paper, metals and foil for heating in a microwave oven. While selecting a microwave safe pressure cooker, ensure that there is a valve for the passage of steam from the cooker.

It is advisable not to warm baby food and formula or milk in microwave, as the spots might burn baby’s mouth and throat. If you want to use microwave for warming, stir and let the food to sit for sometime to avoid any hot spots.

It has occasionally been claimed that microwave preparation damages foods in ways that are specific to microwave treatment. However, the best evidence currently is that microwave oven preparation of foods damages food molecules less than other cooking techniques, since it usually attains lower temperatures for a shorter time. There is presently no good evidence that food is affected in microwave ovens by any other factor than the same simple temperature effects on chemistry that are common to all cooking techniques.

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Source of information on microwave ovens: INTERNET


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